Marketing Alignment

Markets are complex and evolving constructs with major regional differences.

As an IT Vendor or Start-Up you're facing global competition.
A well elaborated International Market Strategy is Key to success.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to implement your B2B Marketing strategy for EMEA.

Our offering for you ...

Promotion & Positioning

You share our experience within the different Markets and get assistance in Targeting and Positioning your Products and Services properly.

⇒ APILANi helps you to customize your Marketing Approach to regional conditions for the EMEA region. With Marketing Communication & Promotion you get more awareness and can interact with your Enterprise Customers more easily.

Promotion is always limited in time. Therefore, long-term support of the overall Marketing Strategy will be achieved via repeated and coordinated promotion campaigns.

⇒ APILANi assists you with B2B Marketing Services from Lead Generation to Sales Conversion and long-term Customer Support.

Target Activities & Results

► Communication
► Brand
► Corporate Identity

► Innovation
► Differentiation
► Variation

► Direct Sales
► Distribution Channel
► e-Commerce

► Cost Recovery
► Penetration
► Skimming

Lead Generation & Acquisition of new customers

APILANi helps you with optimized lead generation via a variety of digital delivery channels (websites, e-mails, social networks, search engines).

With qualified customer or prospect data you are able to expand your customer base and to enter into dialogue with your customers. In this way, you can find out more about the needs of your customers and continuously optimize your solution.

A large number of web analytics tools and services are there to be used for automatic lead generation and linked to existing business software (accounting, controlling, sales, purchasing, production, warehousing, transport, etc.) via interfaces.

Advertising media with targeted content (white papers, advertising banners, newsletters, text links, etc.) can be used through all delivery channels. Interested parties become leads who are then passed on to sales to initiate a deal. In non-pandemic times, trade fairs, summits or roadshows are popular marketing instruments for generating leads in B2B marketing.

Account Based Marketing

Using a sophisticated Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy, APILANi helps your sales and marketing team align their marketing efforts with the needs of their defined target customers.

The aim is not to win as many potential customers as possible with as many overlapping programs as possible. Individualized messages will more clearly address your target audience and their specific needs, and will more effectively guide them to the consideration or purchase of your solutions.

ABM is particularly useful when products or solutions are only relevant to a small number of target customers or are more valuable to specific customers within a specific audience than to other customers of that audience. With ABM, your marketing campaigns get better performance.

Brand Image Development

To successfully differentiate yourself from your competition, it does not help to just increase the number of advertising messages. The customer's purchase decision is influenced by your brand's attractiveness. Brand Image development is essential for your sales success.