Business Coaching & Mentoring

You are an IT Vendor or IT Start-Up and want to position your company, your product, your market access or your team properly.

In order to implement the right measures, you have to analyze the problems correctly and sequentialize and prioritize the resulting actions.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to create new options and action alternatives you previously have rejected or ignored.

Our offering for you ...

Situation Analysis

Together with you as our client we will analyse your current situation / your internal processes / your company structure from an energetic perspective and create a guideline how to get to a satisfying overall solution. You can structure, prioritize and validate each step and take the right actions to resolve it. We implement this procedure from major to minor situations to help our customers out of their inactivity and take over control. Due to our systemic approach you are able to conceive the complexity and correlations of their specific situations, circumstances and processes.This well-designed methode automatically leads to new options and action alternatives that you previously might have rejected or not even considered.

You will be clear on questions like
► Is our product right for the Market?
► Is there a Market already or are we probably too early?
► Are we right in time with our product or should we wait and add specific functionality first?
► What makes us the right team?
► Are we doing what we can do best?
► Do we as a team complement each other or do we compete?
► How can we grow best?

As a result of the Situation Analysis Process you can now structure your topics, know about the influences and interactions, validate the objectives and immediately understand which are the right actions to take.
⇒ You will have a list of action items to be solved for each identified topic - already validated according to priority, effectiveness and dependency.

After the Situation Analysis Session you have a clear focus on how to improve your current situation or challenge. You are able to generate a structured guideline including all necessary steps.
⇒ You know about the influences and interactions of different groups associated like customers, competitors, investors, employees, families, friends etc. and can adjust their action to obtain the best result possible.

In our Bootcamp Target Session we work on the action items in detail.

Bootcamp Target Management

After the Situation Analysis you can structure your topics, know about the influences and interactions, validate the objectives and immediately understand which are the right actions to take. You are able to act immediately.

Value Management

Corporate culture & Employer Branding:

Over time, many companies have established a rigid corporate culture that makes it difficult or even impossible to adapt changing conditions such as increasing competition, increasing cost pressure and shorter delivery expectations. A cultural change must take place to make these companies competitive again. An endeavor that companies can not implement without external help. With APILANi you create the cultural change. Your company can face the competition or even disassociate itself from it and learns to be flexible in the future as well.
⇒ Your company becomes attractive again to new employees and skilled workers and also manages to increase the performance of the existing team.

Leadership, Values, Change:

Leadership means transformation of complex information into clear instructions. More and more managers have to find their way around a highly dynamic environment, evaluate the strategy for their company from a flood of information and pass it on to their employees. How should this succeed?
On the basis of so-called value memes (WMems), which produce lifestyles, beliefs and attitudes. We use a method (Spiral Dynamics), companies, individuals and economic developments can be analyzed with, evaluated and transformed.
⇒ You get a new access to sustainability, diversity management and leadership.