Leadership & Team Coaching

You are an Enterprise Customer who faces enormous challenges due to internal restructuring, outsourcing, merge & acquisitions, project & deadline pressure and team changes .

Due to the complexity of the context, you want to develop a course of action to get out of inactivity and take control of your situation.

⇒ Our systemic approach automatically leads to new options and alternatives for actions that you may have previously rejected or did not consider from the outset. You can structure, prioritize and validate each step and take the correct action to resolve the issue.

Corporate culture:

Over time, many companies have established a rigid corporate culture that makes it difficult or even impossible to adapt changing conditions such as increasing competition, increasing cost pressure and shorter delivery expectations. A cultural change must take place to make these companies competitive again. An endeavor that companies can not implement without external help.

With APILANi you create the cultural change. Your company becomes attractive again to new employees and skilled workers and also manages to increase the performance of the existing team. Your company can face the competition or even disassociate itself from it and learns to be flexible in the future as well.

Leadership Coaching

Employees want to be guided and not managed.

Which leadership and organizational models are out there? And which one fits to our company?

In our Leadership Coaching Sessions we concentrate on topics like

► Leadership styles
► Natural laws of leadership
► Agile leadership
► Decision-making techniques with agile leadership
► Transformational leadership
► The ideal leader
► Boss or manager? The differences
► What a good boss really is
► Executive as a coach
► How to become a better leader
► The key to good leadership
► What employees really want from the boss
► The most common leadership mistakes
► Is there a secret to successful leadership?

Team Power

The "who" behind the "what" is the hidden secret. Successful teams are the winner - everywhere.

 In our Team Power Sessions we concentrate on topics like

Team Assessment
► Teambuilding levels
► Five mistakes about teamwork
► The ten success factors
► The secret of the "12"
► Division of roles in the team
► A team is like an orchestra
► Trust your team
► Remote teams
► The team meeting
► Lack of team spirit
► How mobbing arises
► From the demotivated team to the performance group

Leadership, Values, Change:

Leadership means transformation of complex information into clear instructions. More and more managers have to find their way around a highly dynamic environment, evaluate the strategy for their company from a flood of information and pass it on to their employees. How should this succeed?

On the basis of so-called value memes (WMemes), which produce lifestyles, beliefs and attitudes, we apply a method (Spiral Dnamics), with which companies, individuals and economic developments can be analyzed, evaluated and transformed, thus opening up a completely new access to sustainability, diversity management and leadership.