Services for Enterprise Customers


With Services from your #1 Alliance Partner APILANi you can meet your challenges and optimally contribute to the overall Company target with agile IT.


Our offering for you ...

Decision Support and Proof-of-Value Services


Enterprise Customers are facing challenging times in order to drive future growth.

The right IT decision is necessary to survive in a competitive world. Our clients count on the Expert Know How of APILANi for their Management Decisions.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner for Management Decision Support and Proof-of-Value Services.

On-Premise, Outsourcing, Cloud, Apps, Shops, Big Data - IT must be robust and flexible while budget-friendly. Get expert advice from APILANi for your best IT solution.


You doubt what fits best to your IT directions? Software Evaluation and Proof-of-Concept projects can help. But they are time consuming.


IT requirements supporting your current business will determine your companies' future growth. Implement IT projects in a suitable time.

Leadership and Team Coaching Services


Enterprise Customers have to solve issues and challenges resulting from internal reorganisations / outsourcing / merge & acquisitions / project & deadline pressure / team challenges.

You need to analyse your current situation or problem and create a guideline how to get to a satisfying overall solution.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to get to new options and alternatives for action you previously rejected or haven't thought about.

With APILANi you will analyse your current situation / your internal processes / your company structure from an energetic perspective and create a guideline for a satisfying overall solution.


The "who" behind the "what" is the hidden secret. Successful teams are the winner - always and everywhere. We help you and your team to strengthen your strengths and become more sucessful.


Over time, companies have established a rigid corporate culture that makes it difficult or even impossible to adapt to changing conditions such as increasing competition, cost pressure and shorter delivery times.