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APILANi offers tailor-made Business Development Services for international IT Vendors & IT Start-Ups and accompanies as #1 Alliance Partner for successful EMEA Market Entry.
Enterprise Customers get help with Decision Support, Project Management & Team Power Services.
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APILANi joins the Blockchain Bayern e.V. association to investigate the possibilities of blockchain technology for the design of new digital business processes and to bring them to the market. (2019-

APILANi founds the BlockchainToGo initiative with the aim of making blockchain technology understandable and usable for everyone. Above all, sustainability, economy and meaningfulness are put to the test. (2019-

ADVANCED BLOCKCHAIN: READY TO GO Secure digital Business Processes

APILANi enters into a Business Development Partnership with German based Software Vendor Transaction Software and takes over worldwide Sales and Market Development of Transbase™ and SecureBase in the area of secure IoT databases and Management of digital Business Processes. (2017-2021)

APILANi joins the association FidAR e.V. to promote the taking of measures to increase the proportion of women on the supervisory boards of German corporations and institutions, as well as the proportion of women in top management of German companies. (2016-2021)

APILANi joins the IoT Austria consortium OpenFabNet, which develops Industry 4.0 pilot structures based on Open Standards and Open Technology. (2016)

APILANi provides Coaching and Mentoring Services for IT Start-ups and Enterprise Customers. With the help of the hyperSKILL method, the mentees learn to analyze their current situation without reservation and to get a clear view of the necessary actions with the aim of a sustainable satisfactory solution of their problem. (2015-2016)

APILANi enters into a Sales Partnership with US based Open Source Software Provider EnterpriseDB for Database Management Systems and takes over Sales and Market Development for EDB PostgreSQL Admin Suite and core product Postgres Advanced Server within the DACH region. (2013-2015)

APILANi enters into a Sales Partnership with belgian based ALM System Vendor IKAN to market his Software Solution for Application Lifecycle Management and Data Integration within the DACH region. (2013-2014)

Ms. Hiebl assists international IT vendors to be successfully introduced to the EMEA market providing sustainable go-to-market strategies.

APILANi enters into a Sales Partnership with US based Open Soure Software Vendor Red Hat and wins over 200 Enterprise Customers within all verticals to establish Sales and Market structure for Red Hat RHEL, Cloud Infrastructure & Virtualization as well as JBoss Middleware Portfolio within the DACH region. (2003-2013)