About us

APILANi offers tailor-made Business Development Services for you as  international IT Vendors or IT Start-Ups and accompanies you with the implementation of your business goals as #1 Alliance Partner for successful entry to the EMEA Market.

We guide your brand to success through

   ⇒ enforcement of your global B2B Marketing strategy for EMEA

   ⇒ implementation of your international Sales strategy

   ⇒ Business set up and a long-term Product Roadmap

   ⇒ new action alternatives for your teams and projects

Enterprise Customers get help with Decision Support, Project Management and Team Power Services.APILANi's #1 Enterprise Alliance is Your Key to Success.

Our target disciplines in IT

When we founded APILANi in 2002 our focus was on Mainframe centric Software Solutions, Relational/SQL DBMS, Application Lifecycle Management, Service Delivery and Customer Relationship Management, User Helpdesk, Backup & Recovery as well as Security and Identity Management.  

Starting from centralized mainframe software solutions, we have expanded our expertise over time to infrastructure & application development solutions of any kind for on-premise or cloud-based environments and mobile deployment. Different operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows), virtualization, hyperconverged storage Agile & DevOps, CD / CI, Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL, SQL, IoT, CMS, ERP play a role.

Today, we are proud to be Experts on the entire IT-Stack. We provide profoud proficiency to Closed and Open Source based technologies in all domains of IT.

Digital Transformation and Human Centric Operations are exciting topics on our agenda.

Distinguished skills in Product & Project Management within these disciplines cobined with superior talents in complex Software & Solution Selling are bundled together to a unique and powerful offering by APILANi.

Our References & Engagements

Over the years we accompanied numerousIT Vendors with their Market Entry in EMEA.

We also support important topics through our Engagements. Have a look ...