Decision Support & Proof-of-Value

Enterprise Customers are facing challenging times.

The right IT decision is necessary to survive in a competitive world.

⇒ Our clients count on the Expert Know How of APILANi for their Management Decisions.

Management Advice

A specific IT Vendor or a specific IT Solution offering might be mainstream and suitable for most customers, but not for you. How do you know? You can learn it the hard way and lose money while making the experience or you can get advice from an IT expert.

You would like to know whether topics like outsourcing / insourcing, public / private / hybrid cloud, Blockchain or AI are good areas to invest your money and resources – with Management Advice from APILANi all will be flood-lighted. As a result you know what‘s best for your IT strategy.

Second Opinion

As a result you as a client have a good feeling about your IT strategy and can act more budget-friendly and cost-effective. Ask for our references to learn more about our value.


On-Premise, Outsourcing, Cloud, Apps, Shops, Big Data - your IT strategy has to help Business in a flexible and robust while budget-friendly manner. If you doubt about the added value of an IT Solution offered by your IT Vendor or an independent consultancy firm you can count  on APILANi to find out what fits best to your IT directions. APILANi helps you with Software Evaluation and Proof-of-Concept projects.


Based on our Evaluation and Implementation Criteria the product offering of your IT Vendor will be proved concerning your IT requirements reflecting your current business and future growth.