Ronny Startup's Story

As an IT Vendor or Start-Up you're facing global competition. In order to meet the Market's requirements best you carefully listen to the IT Analysts, you research, follow your customers' implementation planning or watch your competition. Your Product might be able to change the world - or fail.

But what are the ingredients of success? A well elaborated International Market Strategy is Key.

Hello Ronny, here is YOUR story ...

» Hello! I'm Ronny Startup and I wanna know about how to be successful with APILANi!

» Hello! You already realized a small project for your client?
And now you want to make it a product?
To scale fast from a small and successful project needs a well elaborated plan and a lot of diligence to make it a product ready for a broad market.

Ah - Your idea is brilliant. Or do you have a specific Customer Requirement? Ideally, you've already developed a tailored solution for this specific use case on a project basis.

Now you have a more general concept in mind. You consider to make it a "real" Product. Your friendly Customer or an optimistic Investor might help overcome the first hurdles. In order to meet the Market's requirements best you carefully listen to the IT Analysts, you research, follow your customers' implementation planning or watch your possible competition.
APILANi helps you to introduce your Product effectively.

» Wait a minute! I don't have the money yet.
Can APILANi help me with VC?


» Of course! But you better don't exercise in front of your Investor.
We can help you create a good story first.


All of a sudden you are confronted with other topics than programming brilliant code.

You need to calculate costs, analyse the market, listen to analysts, anticipate about future trends. You need to set up your own infrastructure, your business network. You need to check your own expertise. Are you able to do it with your current team? Finally, everything needs to be packaged into a convincing story for your Venture Capitalists.

APILANi helps you with a fancy Pitch Deck and a convincing Business Plan and introduces you to the right VCs.

» And now? Which Go-to-Market Strategy is best for my company?
Should I find a suitable partner now and what else should I consider?

» The right Go-to-Market strategy is key!
Consequences resulting by a mono-directional approach cannot be changed back
and there is no second chance to debut a new product in the market place.

When you as an IT Vendor liaise with local Channel Partners you need to be aware that there are a number of different parameters responsible for the outcome of this partnership.

It might not deliver the expected results if the parties are not ready for each other. Mostly, obvious signals of failure are either ignored or interpreted as delayed success with plenty of reasonable explanations – all overlaid by wishful thinking.

APILANi helps you the get the right view on it and interact with the right partners.

» Now I see my benefits.
With APILANi I have an Alliance Partner being aware of my challenges.
I can concentrate on my strenghts and trust on APILANi to help me be realistic with my overall approach.
I can turn my wishes into measurable success through APILANi.

» That's good to know! And now that you're curious about APILANi, we have an offer for you:
a situation analysis session to support your change process for your market approach or your business.
What do you think?

» Sounds good! Thank you!
It's time to get in contact with you guys.
I'm happy to call. See you!

» Yes!
Contact APILANi for further details and schedule an appointment.
To a good partnership!