Allen Customer's Story


Enterprise customers are there for their own customers - internal IT must serve the company's overall goal. The digital transformation is a big challenge for all companies and everyone in the company, not just the IT department. Due to the digital transformation, business models sometimes change radically.

Many companies go bankrupt. That's why it's important to keep up and actively participate in shaping digital transformation.

Hello Allen, here is YOUR story ...


» Hello! I'm Allen Customer!
I wanna know about how to be successful with APILANi!


» Hello! I'm APILANi. Competitive advantages grow out of your ability to implement innovation faster than your competition. IT is a key driver. Here we start!

You handle risks on a daily basis. You need to be on top of latest technology and solutions for your Market.

Wrong or late decisions might cause serious consequences for your Company. You might go bankrupt or drop important market share. You might miss an important innovation cycle and lose momentum for sustainable growth.

Your IT is obliged to be in sync with your Company's goals to secure overall investments and competitive advantages. Changes have to be implemented quickly, cost-effective and to the Enduser's satisfaction.


» How can I assure criteria like performance, stability and flexibility, connectivity, security and cost-effectiveness for mainstream and innovative new software?


» It's wise not to follow every trend immediately. On the other hand, it's necessary to keep your IT up to date and secure to follow your Company's goals in an appropriate and hazard-free time.

From your IT department you expect an IT infrastructure being robust enough to reflect your current business as well as flexible enough to act upon future changes.

If you look at your IT Vendors' landscape your options are various and your challenges are huge.

You need to create your own "IT Cocktail of Solutions" offered by your IT Vendors.

» Now I see my benefits ...
APILANi is my #1 Alliance Partner. I concentrate on my strenghts and trust on APILANi to help me be realistic. So, I can turn my wishes into measurable success.

» That's good to know! Now, I have an offer for you: a situation analysis session to support your change process for your market approach or your business. What do you think?


» Sounds good! Thank you! I'm happy to call.
See you, Allen


» Yes! Contact APILANi for further details and schedule an appointment.
To a good partnership, APILANi