Services for IT-Vendors & IT-Start-Ups

With Services from your #1 Alliance Partner APILANi you can meet your challenges and successfully beat your global competition as IT Vendor or promising IT Start-Up.


Our offering for you ...

Marketing Alignment


Markets are complex and evolving constructs with major regional differences.

As an IT Vendor or Start-Up you're facing global competition. A well elaborated International Market Strategy is Key to success.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to implement your B2B Marketing strategy for EMEA.

With APILANi you can ...


... adapt your global Marketing efforts to regional conditions in EMEA and benefit from our broad experience in various markets.

... optimize your lead generation through various digital delivery channels (websites, e-mails, social networks, search engines). Your campaigns become more successful.



... align your Marketing activities with the needs of your target customers through individualized messages. You become your customers' personal advisor.


... influence your customers' purchase decisions through your Brand's attractiveness. Your Brand Image is Key for your sales success.

Strategic Sales Services


You want to present your product portfolio globally and you are working on an international sales strategy.

To make your regional launch strategy successful, you need specific territorial, economic and cultural know-how. Solid business relationships for that region are essential.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to implement your international sales strategy according territorial conditions.
You achieve your sales goals and make your investors happy.

With APILANI you can ...


... optimally manage your strategic customers and ensure sustainable growth. Let your Key Accounts be your advocats and collaboration peers.


... generate additional business as part of your global market launch strategy via indirect sales channels such as VARs, IVSs, SIs, Affiliates.


... address your customers with specific topics like cloud or digital strategy, prioritize on segments and allocate resources for the most effective Sales Approach.


... strengthen the relationship with your customer across the organization so that you get a better understanding of your customer and anticipate business.


... adapt to developing markets or changes within customer organizations and avoid negative effects on your overall Go-To-Market strategy.


... achieve long-term customer loyalty through active participation in post-sale phases. As a result, your customer will buy again and also recommend you to others.

Business Acceleration


You are an Entrepreneur or a team of experts and about to start your own Company.

As technicians you have a clear idea of what your Product might be able to accomplish. Your product V. 1.0 is probably already generally available. What's next?

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to be prepared for a mid-term and long-term Product Roadmap. You can focus on your Unique Selling Proposition.

Your technical background enables you to develop a Product with great functionality. But then the business comes. APILANi helps you with the Company Building Process.


Your GoToMarket plan revolves around your ideal target customer. As part of your business strategy, you will ask yourself six questions: Who? What? Why? When? How? Where?


There is no "one fits all" package for Start-Ups. Before you contact a potential investor you should get an idea of your Business Model first. APILANi will help you.


Building the right team is at least as important as developing the right product. The "who" behind the "what" is critical. APILANi will help you with your setup.

Business Coaching & Mentoring


You are an IT Vendor or IT Start-Up and want to position your company, your product, your team properly.

In order to implement the right measures, you have to analyze the problems correctly and sequentialize and prioritize the resulting actions.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to create new options and action alternatives you might have rejected or not considered before.

With APILANi you can ...


... analyze your current situation, company structure or internal processes from an energetic point of view and create a guideline for a satisfactory overall solution.


... structure your topics, validate the objectives, know about the influences and interactions and immediately take the right actions.


... adapt to changing conditions like increasing competition, cost pressure and shorter delivery times.