Strategic Sales

You want to present your product portfolio globally and you are working on an international sales strategy?

In order to make your regional launch strategy successful, you need specific territorial, economic and cultural know-how.
Solid business relationships for that region are essential.

⇒ APILANi is your #1 Alliance Partner to adapt and implement your international sales strategy to territorial conditions. You achieve your sales goals and make your investors happy.

Our Modules for your Strategic Sales Management ...

Key Account Management

In major markets such as DACH Senior Strategic & Key Account Managers help to build a solid customer base and ensure sustainable growth and success. Key Account are Enterprise Customers (prospects or existing customers) who generate 80% of your revenue. They are of strategic importance to your company. If you are not able to secure potential future revenue with your Key Accounts, you have a significant problem.

APILANi manages and maintains high-involvement relationships to Enterprise Customers and creates major Opportunities for you in order to increase revenue and gain momentum in the EMEA region.

We develop and maintain strategic relationships with the Key Accounts defined together with you and work with them to continuously improve your solution. As a customer, you will receive valuable answers straight from practice.
⇒ You gain Strategic Relationships with major Enterprise Customers as Key Accounts.

APILANi helps you to identify and categorize enhancement requests for your products based on our Enterprise Customers' feedback. You are able to adjust your development efforts according to the market's needs.
⇒ You gain directions for your further Product Development.

With APILANi's Strategic & Key Account Management you secure planning certainty and long-term growth.
⇒ You gain long-term growth in different territories.

Your benefits as IT-Vendor ...

► improved customer insights
► better understanding of customer needs
► better product knowledge
► better competitor information
► improved performance information
► better understanding of usage patterns
► better understanding of customer strategy

Your customer gets ...

► better product information
► better information on services
► better understanding of upgrade/release
► better knowledge of product benefits
► raise of individual profile
► provide resource input
► increased influence on product development

Partner Management

Partner Management becomes increasingly important when your Products get more robust and standardized. As part of your global Go-To-Market Strategy APILANi then helps you to additionally generate Business indirectly through various Sales channels like VARs, IVSs, SIs, Affiliate Partners etc. We help you to bring your Business Partners up to speed to distribute your Product line more quickly within EMEA. 

We help you to understand your Customers' buying preferences and your Channel Partners' strengths to accelerate your Sales Cycle.
⇒ You gain access to focussed Sales and Business Consulting Partners.

We help you to gain market share with EMEA and manage your existing Channel as well as strategic Partners such as OEMS, VADs, VARs and Service Providers. Marketing campaigns, customer-events are also all part of our well-elaborated Business Plans.
⇒ You gain access to more experienced Value added Channel Partners.

As part of our Go-to-Market concept we also help you to establish and expand your ISV and SI network.
⇒ You gain access to a broad network of Systems Integrators.

Solution Selling

APILANi helps you to target on potential customers with topics like Infrastructure setup, Digital Strategy and more. You are able to prioritize on specific segments and allocated specific resources in order to implement the most effective Sales Approach.
⇒ We help you on direct and indirect Sales and complement your Sales Coverage.

Solution Selling combined with consulting services is a key driver for an efficient sales structure.
⇒ You get access to IT consulting experts to continuously grow your long-term relationships with your Enterprise Customers.

Sales Operations


Professional Sales Operations strengthens the relationship between you and your customer. Tight customer relationships across the organization help to better understand your customer and anticipate your business.

APILANi provides you with Backoffice Services to run your sales organization and sales process efficiently within EMEA.Together with you we define Sales Job Objectives, functional Accountabilities, organizationally structured Plans and Reporting Relationships to cover targeted Sales Segments within the EMEA Market.
⇒ You get a powerful CRM Solution to guarantee sustainable Customer Care.

Customer Relationship Management and Orchestration of Responsibilities


► Marketing Campaigns

► Lead Generation

► Opportunity Creation



► Work on Opportunity

► Sales Negotiation

► Work on Purchase

► Strategic Customer Care

Service & Support

► Product Delivery

► Accounting / Invoice Mgmt.

► Operational Customer Care


Is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) just a "matter of sales"
- a "tool" providing customer-addresses for Sales Managers?


Customer-Vendor-Relationships are complex.There are several stakeholders within each Customer organisation: some want your solution urgently, others fight against it. Still others don't know anything about your company or your solution, but their opinion is already set, because there is a "hidden agenda" with buying arguments for solutions which are not publicly under discussion.

⇒ Not knowing who wants what is damaging your success.
Don't ignore or underestimate the power of an up-to-date CRM system.  


The core value of a CRM system doesn't come with the information about the customer "per se", meaning names, addresses, money etc. It comes with the relationship he has with you, your company, your competitors, their competitors and the whole ecosystem. The information about the relationship to your customer is not only necessary for the Sales person, but for everybody in your company who deals with the customer in some kind - Marketing, but also Service or Accounting.

⇒ It's essential that all parties work together and share their informations on one common platform.


A marketing campaign has to be published within the CRM system. Resulting leads are created and followed up in the same CRM system and possibly converted to sales opportunities. Informations about meetings, presentations, evaluations, negotiations within the sales cycle have to be attached to the sales opportunities added with information about invoicing and payment. Support cases and consulting, training, up and cross selling opportunities are all connected within the same CRM system.

⇒ This is the way to really benefit from a CRM system.

Sales Transformation

Changing customer organizations, evolving markets or drifting strategies on your customers' side can impact your Go-To-Market strategy immensely and hit a heavy blow to your business efforts.

For complex product and solution sales you need to be prepared for a 12 months sales cycle. This period can be divided into five phases with different strategy levels, leadership envolvement, sales engagement and tool assistance.
⇒ You will become pro-active in selling to make your sales approach more effective.

User Experience & Customer-Satisfaction

In the pre-sale phase, all eyes are on the deal. But what comes after that? Is the customer also satisfied with the solution they have purchased? Long-term customer loyalty and the active participation of the customer in the post-sale phases bring great advantages for your company.
⇒ With APILANi you build up a sustainable relationship with your customer.