For IT Vendors & IT Start-Ups

As an IT Vendor, you must prevail over your global competition.

A good product is the beginning - a well-developed international market strategy is essential for sustainable growth.

⇒ With Services from APILANi you can meet your challenges.

Marketing Services

Markets are complex and evolving constructs with major regional differences. As an IT Vendor or Start-Up you're facing global competition. A well elaborated International Market Strategy is Key to success.


With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to implement your B2B Marketing strategy within EMEA.

Our Marketing Services include

Strategic Sales Services

You are considering to present your Product Portfolio globally and you are working on an International Sales Strategy. In order to adapt your Go-to-Market Strategy successfully on a regional level you are looking for specific territorial, commercial and cultural expertise as well as solid business-relationships.


With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to break down your International Sales Strategy and adapt it on a territorial level to achieve your Sales Targets and make your investors happy.

Our Strategic Sales Services include

Business Acceleration Services

You are an Entrepreneur or a team of experts and about to start your own Company. You want to be smart. As technicians you have a clear idea of what your Product might be able to accomplish. Your product is your start. Version 1.0 is probably already generally available. But what's next?


When you have customers you need to anticipate the future. You need to be prepared for a planned process, do Market Research, meet with other technical talents and be sure there might be a Market for your Product.

With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to be prepared for a mid-term and long-term Product Roadmap. You will focus on your USP.

Our Business Acceleration Services include

Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring Services

You are an IT Vendor or IT Start-Up and want to prosition your company / your product / your market access / your team properly with the help of our Start-Up Coaching and Mentoring Program.


Together with you, we will analyse your current situation or problem and create a guideline how to get to a satisfying overall solution. Due to our systemic approach you are able to conceive the complexity and correlations of their specific situations, circumstances and processes. You can structure, prioritize and validate each step and take the right actions to resolve it. We implement this procedure from major to minor situations to help our customers out of their inactivity and take over control.


With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to create new options and action alternatives that previously you might have rejected or even not considered.

Our Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring Services include