For IT Vendors & IT Start-Ups

Marketing Services


Markets are complex and evolving constructs with major regional differences. With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to implement your B2B Marketing strategy within EMEA.

Our Marketing Services Offerings

APILANi helps you to customize your Marketing Approach to regional conditions within the EMEA region. You share the experience we made within the different Markets and get assistance in Targeting and Positioning your Products and Services. Marketing Experts from APILANi assist you with B2B Marketing Services from Lead Generation to Sales Conversion and long-term Customer Support. We also help you with Brand-Awareness and Press Attention.

Marketing Communication & Promotion are necessary tools to help managing expectations properly. You get more Awareness and can interact with your Enterprise Customers more easily. APILANi assists you to adapt your global message to regional requirements.

Using a sophisticated Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy, APILANi helps your sales and marketing team align their marketing efforts with the needs of their defined target customers. The aim is not to win as many potential customers as possible with as many overlapping programs as possible.Individualized messages will more clearly address your target audience and their specific needs, and will more effectively guide them to the consideration or purchase of your solutions.

ABM is particularly useful when products or solutions are only relevant to a small number of target customers or are more valuable to specific customers within a specific audience than to other customers of that audience. With ABM, your marketing campaigns get better performance.

Strategic Sales Services

Our clients are considering to present their Product Portfolio globally and are working on an International Sales Strategy. In order to adapt their Go-to-Market Strategy successfully on a regional level they are looking for specific territorial, commercial and cultural expertise as well as solid business-relationships.


In major markets like DACH clients are used work with senior Strategic & Key Account Managers to establish a solid customer-base and to secure sustainable growth and success.

Partner Management becomes increasingly important when products get more robust and standardized. As part of your global Go-To-Market Strategy APILANi helps you to generate Business indirectly through various Sales channels like VARs, IVSs, SIs, Affiliate Partners etc.


APILANi manages and maintains high-involvement relationships to these types of Enterprise Customers and creates major Opportunities for you in order to increase Business and gain momentum in the EMEA Market. With APILANi you have an Alliance Partner aside to break down your International Sales Strategy and adapt it on a territorial level to achieve your Sales Targets and make your investors happy.

Our Strategic Sales Services Offerings

We develop and maintain strategic relationships to your defined Key Accounts and collaborate towards better solutions with them. As a client you get valuable real-world responses back from the market.
⇒ You gain Strategic Relationships with major Enterprise Customers.

APILANi helps you to identify and categorize enhancement requests for your products based on our Enterprise Customers' input. You are able to adjust your development efforts according to the market's needs.
⇒ You gain Directions for you further Product Development.

With APILANi's Strategic & Key Account Management you secure planning certainty and long-term growth.
⇒ You gain long-term Growth in different territories.

We help you to bring your Business Partners up to speed to distribute your Product line more quickly within EMEA. We help you to understand your Customers' buying preferences and your Channel Partners' strengths to accelerate your Sales Cycle.
⇒ You gain access to focussed Sales and Business Consulting Partners.

We help you to gain market share with EMEA and manage your existing Channel as well as strategic Partners such as OEMS, VADs, VARs and Service Providers. Marketing campaigns, customer-events are also all part of our well-elaborated Business Plans.
⇒ You gain access to more experienced Value added Channel Partners.

As part of our Go-to-Market concept we also help you to establish and expand your ISV and SI network.
⇒ You gain access to a network of Integrated Systems Vendors and System Integrators.

APILANi helps you to target on potential customers with topics like Infrastructure setup, Digital Strategy and more. You are able to prioritize on specific segments and allocated specific resources in order to implement the most effective Sales Approach.
⇒ We help you on direct and indirect Sales and complement your Sales Coverage.

Solution Selling combined with consulting services is a key driver for an efficient sales structure.
⇒ You get access to IT consulting experts to continuously grow your long-term relationships with your Enterprise Customers.

Professional Sales Operations strengthens the relationship between you and your customer. Tight customer relationships across the organization help to better understand your customer and anticipate your business.

APILANi provides you with Backoffice Services to run your sales organization and sales process efficiently within EMEA.Together with you we define Sales Job Objectives, functional Accountabilities, organizationally structured Plans and Reporting Relationships to cover targeted Sales Segments within the EMEA Market.
⇒ We implement a powerful CRM Solution together with you to guarantee sustainable Customer Care.

Changing customer organizations, evolving markets or drifting strategies on your customers' side can impact your Go-To-Market strategy immensely and hit a heavy blow to your business efforts.
⇒ With APILANi you will become pro-active in selling to make your sales approach effective.

Business Acceleration Services

You are an Entrepreneur and about to start your own Company. You want to be smart. As a technician you have a clear idea of what your Product might be able to accomplish.Your product is your start. Version 1.0 is probably GA.


What's next?

⇒ Be prepared for a planned process. When you have customers you need to anticipate the future.
⇒ Be prepared for a mid-term and long-term Product Roadmap.
⇒ Do Market Research, meet with other technical talents, be sure there might be a Market for your Product.
⇒ Focus on your USP.


If you do that already then you know that your Success is built on more than one cornerstone - topics you're probably not yet familiar with like


⇒ Customer Acquisition & Development

Your technical background enables you to develop a Product with great functionality. But functionality is not everything. It is critical to understand the whole context where you want to do business with. Therefore, get a person on board with quite a different perspective. Find somebody in your team who has an eye on standards or trends. Nominate a customer advocate to get feedback from potential customers and who does a value proposition.


⇒ Planning & Financing

Descriptions of Products and Services are necessary the same as Business Plans, Market Overviews, Strategical & Operational Concepts, Management Resumes, Material for Consulting, Training and Sales. Esp. technically driven companies underestimate the impact of non-technical topics on the overall success.


⇒ Teambuilding

Your team is your capital. Homogeneous teams have a common understanding of a specific topic. It's easy to communicate. But your company has to grow. Remember, heterogeneous teams can develop a more sustainable business model.

Our Business Acceleration Services Offerings

Every Start-Up is different and so is the opportunity. There is no "one fits all" package. If you don't have customers yet it is more difficult to stand the hard questions. Therefore, before you approach a potential investor you need to be clear on your Market entry, your BUsiness Model and your financial situation.

APILANi guides you to the right setup and helps you with answers for questions like these:
How big is the Market?
What will be our piece of cake?
Is it easy to find potential customers or do you have a niche product?
Who is your ideal customer?
What is your potential for growth?
How far do you get with your current setup?
If you are too small it might be better to get Seed Invest first before entering the Market.
How will you sell our product or service?
Do you have an own salesforce or are you dependent on third party?
How do you create recurring revenue?
Do we have a customer retention program?
How much money do we need and what will we do with it?
When will we approx. reach break-even?
When will we have a predictable yearly run-rate based on solid customers?
⇒ You get support for your planning tasks and a unique and convincing Pitch Deck for your investor presentation.

Building a company from scratch is a critical process. The start is relatively easy - you start with some friends with similar perceptions, you work hard on the common goal and it's needless to say that you all earn "the same". But with the money there comes the trouble.

If you have a investor on board you are not "free" in your decisions any more. Product development, customer acquisition and relationship management, team building as well as the whole administration process isn't your "own" business any more. Now there is always somebody around asking the nasty questions. If you don't like this kind of constant supervision it might be a good idea to delegate some responsibilities.
⇒ APILANi guides you through the company building process. You decide for how long and how deep you want to go with us.

Building the right team is at least as important as building the right product. Investors look at the team even in the seed phase - The "who" behind the "what is critical. As the company grows the company culture is essential.

Typical questions in the team building process are:

How does our team adapt to the challenges of the market and the environment?
Which value systems and derived action and action fields, which attitudes, which attitudes are relevant?
Which team member plays which role and which tasks can best be taken on?
Which topics are very good / less well-developed?
How do we deal with heterogeneity in the team? What opportunities arise from this and where do conflicts arise?
⇒ APILANi helps you to set up the right team based on complementary skills.

Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring

Our Start-Up Coaching and Mentoring Program helps IT Vendors and IT Start-Ups for positioning their company / their product / their market access / their team properly.

We help our clients to analyse their current situation or problem and create a guideline how to get to a satisfying overall solution. Due to our systemic approach customers are able to conceive the complexity and correlations of their specific situations, circumstances and processes.


They can structure, prioritize and validate each step and take the right actions to resolve it. We implement this procedure from major to minor situations that help our customers to get out of their inactivity and take over control. This well-designed approach automatically leads to new options and action alternatives that customers previously rejected or did not even consider.


Corporate culture:

Over time, many companies have established a rigid corporate culture that makes it difficult or even impossible to adapt changing conditions such as increasing competition, increasing cost pressure and shorter delivery expectations. A cultural change must take place to make these companies competitive again. An endeavor that companies can not implement without external help.

With APILANi you create the cultural change. Your company becomes attractive again to new employees and skilled workers and also manages to increase the performance of the existing team. Your company can face the competition or even disassociate itself from it and learns to be flexible in the future as well.


Leadership, Values, Change:

Leadership means transformation of complex information into clear instructions. More and more managers have to find their way around a highly dynamic environment, evaluate the strategy for their company from a flood of information and pass it on to their employees. How should this succeed?

On the basis of so-called value memes (WMems), which produce lifestyles, beliefs and attitudes, we use a method (Spiral Dynamics), companies, individuals and economic developments can be analyzed with, evaluated and transformed, thus opening up a completely new dimension new access to sustainability, diversity management and leadership.

Our Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring Offerings

Together with our clients we will analyse their current situation / their internal processes / their company structure from an energetic perspective.

We will be clear on questions like:
Is our product right for the Market?
Is there a Market already or are we probably too early?
Are we right in time with our product or should we wait and add specific functionality first?
What makes us the right team?
Are we doing what we can do best?
Do we as a team complement each other or do we compete?
How can we grow best?

As a result of the Situation Analysis Process clients can now structure your topics, know about the influences and interactions, validate the objectives and immediately understand which are the right actions to take. After the Situation Analysis Session they have a clear focus on how to improve your current situation or challenge. They are able to generate a structured guideline including all necessary steps.

From the Situation Analysis Session our clients bring in a list of action items to be solved for each identified topic - already validated according to priority, effectiveness and dependency. They also know about the influences and interactions of different groups associated like customers, competitors, investors, employees, families, friends etc. and can adjust their action to obtain the best result possible. In our Bootcamp Target Session we work it through in detail.

Shortly, we will offer a new service for you. Be curious.