APILANi Your #1 Alliance Partner for successful Market Entry in EMEA

APILANi offers tailor-made Business Development Services for international IT Vendors or IT Start-Ups and accompanies them with the implementation of their business goals as #1 Alliance Partner for successful Market Entry to gain essential Market Share within EMEA.
For Enterprise Customers we provide dedicated guidance for IT projects with services for Decision Support & Proof of Value, Project Management, Board Advisory and Coaching & Mentoring for the entire company.


APILANi's #1 Enterprise Alliance is Your Key to Success.

Choose your APILANi service as international IT Vendor or IT Start-Up now ...

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The Enterprise Alliance Story and your success

You benefit from our profound knowledge in the field of closed and open source-based technology systems and our outstanding services in Product & Project Management, Marketing Alignment, Strategic Sales, Business Acceleration and Business Coaching & Mentoring.

Gains for IT-Vendors

► sustainable Go-to-Market Model
► essential Market Awareness
► excellent Customer Relationships
► a large Business Partner Network
► help with Business set up
► Business Guidance

Our Strengths are ...

► first class Market Know How
► excellent Sales Management
► great Attitude
► 100% Reliability
► consistent Diligence
► intercultural Competence

Wins for Enterprise Customers

► IT Direction Advice
► Management Decision Support
► Proof-of-Value Projects
► reliable fulfillment of IT-Projects
► direct IT Vendor Relationships
► Team Coaching & Mentoring

Our References & Engagements

Over the years we accompanied numerous IT Vendors with their Market Entry in EMEA.

We also support important topics through our Engagements. Have a look ...