APILANi provides profound Expertise to Closed and Open Source based Technologies in all domains of IT. Our Service Offerings for IT Vendors & Start-Ups as well as Enterprise Customers are bundled in Modules.

For international IT Vendors & Start-Ups APILANi offers B2B Marketing, Strategic Sales Services, Business Acceleration Services as well as Coaching & Mentoring Services to help them gain Market Share within EMEA.

Enterprise Customers benefit from APILANi's Expert Know How for their IT Solution Projects with Decision Support Services, Proof-of-Concept Services, Project Management as well as Coaching & Mentoring Services for IT Management and Teams delivered by APILANi.

Our Services for IT-Vendors and Start-Ups include 4 Major Offerings

As dedicated IT Accelerators we offer our Business Acceleration and Development Services, B2B Marekting and Strategic Sales Services as well as our Business Coaching and Mentoring Services to international ICT companies to help them either enter Business or/and gain Market Share within EMEA. Due to our long-term Market presence we are very well connected to leading value add Channel Partners, Service Providers, System Integrators and Shared Services Centers throughout the world. Our Acceleration Program is suited for Start-Ups who want us to accompany them from the first steps with setting up a Business Plan all the way long. Our Coaching & Training Program is elaborated top-down starting with C-Level-Management.

... Customize Marketing Efforts to Regional & Cultural Conditions

... International Go-to-Market and Sales Strategy

... Business Acceleration and Market Entry

... Company Coaching & Mentoring starting from Management-Level

Our Services for Enterprise Customers include 4 Major Offerings

Our Enterprise Customers benefit from Decision Support, PoC-Assistance and Project Managemen due to our specific Expert Know How. We maintain a close network of mid-tier and first-tier customers throughout all Industries and Vertical Segments such as Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance Industry, Telecommunication, Production, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Retail and more.

... Expert Advice for your Business Decisions

... Assistance for Evaluation and Implementation of IT Projects

... Short- and long-term Digital Transformation Projects

... Find out about your Market position and goals with APILANi